Govind Ramachandran, Systems Engineer of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India gets included by World Book of Records - London

For achieving most number of Technical Certifications, Badges and Course completions in IT including Microsoft Certified, ITIL Certified, IBM & Design Thinking Certified, AWS, Adobe, Cyber Security, Pluralsight, Skillsoft, Udemy and LinkedIn as confirmed on 2 February 2022


Wisdom entails more than just being able to process data in a logical manner. When we have the ability to assimilate and apply knowledge to make the best decisions, we call it wisdom. 'Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens' as the saying goes. Good judgement comes naturally to wise people. They also have sincerity and authenticity, the former implying a willingness to say what you mean and the latter implying a willingness to be who you are. Self-discipline, a strong desire to learn and sacrifice go hand in hand with the desire for knowledge and wisdom. Govind Ramachandran sets the record for the most number of certifications, courses, and badges completed till date, owing to his relentless pursuit of knowledge at the age of 26. His outstanding talent has been recognised by the World Book of Records in London, and he gets included in the India Edition - 2022. Wisdom, rather than success or wealth, is more important because it allows us to live well. When our beliefs and values are in sync, our mental and physical health improves. To hasten the journey to wisdom, a number of specific steps can be taken. Govind, a self-motivated champion, has always had big dreams and a desire to succeed. His goal in learning is to nurture his mind and lead a team to help others in the future. He always learns something new on how to improve his job-related skills. He works as a System Engineer for UST, a Trivandrum-based IT and service provider. Govind Ramachandran has completed over 80+ certifications in various fields, as well as 2000+ certification courses on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Pluralsight, Udemy and Skillsoft. With over 7+ years of experience in both technical support (IT environment) and digital marketing, he is an enthusiastic and competent IT professional.  ITIL-2, Microsoft 10x, and Certification Course in Advanced Diploma in IT Infrastructure and Network Engineering are among his credentials. He's is an Azure Solutions Architect Expert as well as a Professional Cloud Architect. He holds the WooRank Certified Marketing Partner certification. In addition, He is also a Klipfolio Certified Expert and Partner, as well as a Facebook Blueprint Certified Expert, Hubspot Certified Expert, and an Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS5. He has completed over 740 LinkedIn courses, 640 Pluralsight courses, and 584 Skillsoft courses, with a Pluralsight learning streak of over 630 days. The India book of records has recognised his extraordinary abilities. His family is ecstatic and proud of his accomplishments and is very supportive of him.

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