World Book of Records (WBR), London is a launch pad of dreams, where talents and philanthropically visions are put on pedestal. It provides a platform for visionaries to showcase the power of humanity to the world. There are variety of editions for variety of talents, catering to each and everyone, who is epitome of humanitarian outlook. Right from Gold book, Gold Edition, Silver Edition, Indian Edition, Kids' Edition and Star 2020 Edition, WBR embosses records of the deserving ones in their respective areas. To get benefitted by such wide range of categories, one needs to register as priority for the edition in the application form.


Gold Book, Switzerland Edition

World Book of Records, UK is a global network operating from all continents. It endows recognition to the potential talent and capabilities in world through international certification. A premier Gold Book Edition from Switzerland is going to get published soon, where 100 noteworthy personalities of the world from five (05) continents will be documented.

The Gold Book would contain profiles of global personalities, who have made their mark and have been dedicatedly involved in elevating the society in education, health, environment, human rights, woman empowerment, humanity, business, music, literature, fine arts, entertainment, politics, science &technology and other domains. The Gold Book Edition will be released in grandeur ceremony, which would take place in Zurich (Switzerland) under the dignified presence of prominent guests and leading global personalities.

Gold Edition

It is conceptualized to publish entries of world records, to list and categorize talents across the globe including UNITED KINGDOM & EUROPE, USA & CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND and others. The World Book of Records requires official registration and processing fees to claim records. The Gold World book of Records will have all its editions published on glossy sheath, vibrantly colored with a smooth, butter like paper quality. The edition will be available globally through print, electronic and digital media.

Silver Edition

The concept of Silver Edition is to publish noteworthy world records and to list and honor humanitarian visions across the world including MAURITIUS, ASIAN COUNTRIES &other AFRICAN COUNTRIES. The World Book of Records has an official registration process, which includes a registration fee to claim records. The Silver Edition will live up to its name and will have a sparkling, lustrous paper quality, which would be accessible globally through print, electronic and digital media.

Star 2020 Edition

Being a collaborative associate of World Book of Records, World Record Publishing Limited, UK, which is certified from Quality Certification Limited, London, has commenced an initiative to honor and admire outstanding personalities as well as their organizations' work through Star 2020 E-citation Certification.


This is an exclusive initiative to promote the cause of unmatchable services to society and country amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Appreciation certificates to boost the morale and valor of such selfless citizens will be provided. Going extra miles in the turbulent times, while keeping one's own safety at back burner and spreading hope and peace, is something magnificent to pay a token of admiration for. Star 2020, will have a panel of Jury to document 1001 specific profiles of all certified people and organizations across the world in a directory format.

India Edition

This edition will have the Indian flavor, while portraying the profiles of honorary visionaries with humanitarian values across India. An official registration process with a nominal amount as fee is required for the registration in World Book of Records. The Indian edition will be published with brilliance of colors, values and culture and will be available internationally through print, electronic and digital media.

Kids Edition

Panning across the globe and including records of deserving, dignified kids (up to 18 years), this kids' edition will have records listed from various countries like UNITED KINGDOM & EUROPE, USA & CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND MAURITIUS, AFRICAN COUNTRIES & ASIAN COUNTRIES etc. A nominal fee with an official registration process for the record registration is the pre-requisite for listing in the The World Book of Records. The kids' edition of World Book of Records is published in rich, glistening paper quality and will be popular globally through print, electronic and digital media.

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