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It is with much pride and acclaim World Book of Records heartily announces conferring of certificate of Excellence to the deserving individuals and organizations that have excelled in their multifarious activities. This Certificate can be claimed by any individual, organization that full fills the required criteria. World Book of Records publishes number of editions including overseas edition (Premium Edition), Gold Edition, Asia Edition, India Edition, Kids Edition, iudex Edition, Alma Today, Who's who and Gadget Journal. These publications are promoting information and specification of an individual and organizations across the world. World Book of Records and its international Editions are Cosmopolitan in nature. They divulge information with regard to vital profiles, information of record holders, brand preposition and other values through positive journalistic approach. World appreciates excellence. It has become more dynamic with the passage of time. There is no place for ordinary achievements and standards. The World Book of Records believes that those with the power to change the world for the better ought to use it. We applaud those personalities who have chosen to stand up for what’s right, and fight for causes that make the world a more just and livable place. 

The management of World Book of Records (WBR) has instituted Certificate of Excellence to recognize individuals’, organization’s achievements, performance, outstanding contributions for betterment of society across the world. The profile of people or organizations will be featured in the Gold Edition of the World Book of Records. This edition would contain profiles of global personalities of the world who have created an impact by their deeds for the betterment of society by promoting the cause of education, health, environment, human rights, universal peace, woman empowerment, humanity, business, music, literature, fine arts, entertainment, politics, science & technology and other domains.The editorial Jury would select personalities from each country across continents who have showcased their contribution and dedicated their work to serve humanity or innovative thinking to make the world progressive in terms of social, cultural, educational, literature, political, medicine, media, entertainment and technological development. Certificate of Excellence is bestowed to individuals and institutions who have made rewarding contributions in the field of arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organizations.

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