Corporate Social Responsibility

If profit is the objective of business, compassion/charity should be the mission.

World Book of Records, London lives by the aforementioned quote and vouch proofs for its validity. No business firm or company in this world can sustain longer without serving the humanity. The whole purpose of this world lies in interdependent living and surviving together. That is why WBR does not just documents records, but also spreads awareness about it to make them realise that no dream is small. In fact, small dreams only make a big picture together. Charity/compassion/services to humanity are the keys to unlock the goodwill of an institution forever. Profits can be earned but it is the respect, which makes the existence worthwhile.

CSR Activities are Universe of compassion, where generosity, charity and social welfare events are the planets. World Book Of Records, London despite being an international entity, understands the pains of underprivileged and undertakes the responsibility of nurturing the deprived class by conducting some philanthropic activities and workshops.

When it comes to talent and skills, there is no partiality from WBR, London in considering noteworthy records from such underprivileged class. World Book Of Records, London cherishes the beauty of excellence regardless of the class. We at WBR, London include lists of record breakers and record setters from the much overlooked, but equally ambitious underprivileged classes from every nook and corner of the world without giving a second thought about the registration fees or any other charges.

World Book of Records, London is a world where the word, 'class' and 'division' don't exist. By saying that, we are determined to take the pledge of contributing our bit to alleviate destitution and to keep the morale up for those who keep looking for both hope and home.

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