Application Procedure

Application Procedure at World Book Of Records

World Book of Records (WBR) invites people across the world to make their own record-breaking dream a reality. It is an ocean of hope and vision, where breaking records are those high tides, which are documented and awarded in its several editions. Regardless of the age,  caste, colour, religion and ethnicity, WBR stands strong for the humanitarian values and deeds and lists the worthy ones in their editions. Professionalism and integrity are its tools to reach the goals. There is a place for everyone in multiple editions like Gold, Silver, India, Kids  and Online Star 2020, where an application can be applied for the registration and to initiate the process further. Once applied, applicants are provided detailed information about the entire procedure of being published.


    1.            After we receive the enquiry, all the procedure-related information along with application form, WBR editions, brochures and proposals shall be mailed through

    2.            After receiving the application form the applicant must send it back to the above-mentioned mail address along with evidence corroborating the details in the application form.

    3.            The application form will be forwarded to the adjudicator for evaluation and scrutiny and then to the jury for the approval.




1.            Once the evaluation is complete, an approval mail will be sent to the applicant. The applicant must acknowledge the mail, only then he/she will receive the details of deposition of registration, processing and publication fees of WBR.

2.            WBR is entitled to demand more documents during the verification process if produced evidence does not meet the verification criteria of WBR.    

3.            The registration, processing and publication fees must be deposited only in the bank account mentioned in the invoice.  Once the invoice is received, an interview will be scheduled between the applicant and the Editor of WBR.


Record Verification

1. The Official Confirmation Letter will be mailed to the applicant by WBR once all the above steps are completed.

2. .            To attempt the record, the applicant has to pass through WBR Attempt Protocol for receiving the provisional certificate, which will be generated on the date of attempt.

3.            For receiving the final certificate, the applicant must produce all the evidence of record attempt.

4.          The final certificate of WBR along with the magazine and medal will be awarded to the applicant either in WBR award ceremony or in an award ceremony organized by the applicant.

5.          The record will be featured in WBR magazine, and For this, the applicant must provide high-resolution pictures with the final certificate within one week of receiving the certificate.

6.          The applicant will receive two copies of WBR magazine along with the membership certificate of ALMA World.


Certificate Presentation

Any attempt that is successfully accepted as having broken and/or set a record can be awarded an exclusive WBR certificate in recognition of the achievement. It is at WBR sole discretion which records are accepted to be published in The World Book of Records. Editorial decisions of WBR are final.

Record Registration Checklist

    • Cover letter
    • Two witness statements
    • Photographs
    • Video footage
    • Media coverage
    • Additional evidence listed in the record-specific guidelines
    • Signed Agreement Regarding Supporting Materials
    • Translations of documents (where relevant)

Your record claim cannot be assessed unless you have supplied all relevant materials. Please send all documentation to concerned officer of WBR Procedure.

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