World Records Council for Commonwealth Nations

World Records Council for Commonwealth Nations (WRCCN) is a the leading, global membership organisation that works towards bringing global personalities, expertise and world record holders across the continents at a single and a vast platform with recognition. It is a wing of World Book of Records, UK which is an organization that catalogs and verifies extraordinary records across the world with authentic certification. It is a paramount international organization inspiring people to showcase their talents. It encourages people to break or set new records at national and international level. Besides, it invites individuals, significant institutions and the places of unique interest across the world to be recorded. It also honors and lists the unique achievements of individuals, places and organizations. WBR lives up to sustaining coherent inspiration. It has become the prominent organization in the global scenario. The organization employs official records and it invites everyone, anywhere in the world to make their dreams, achievement and pursuance a record-breaking reality. World Book of Records Limited is registered with the Government of England (United Kingdom).The international secretariat of WRCCN is in London (UK) and in New Delhi for South Asian Countries.

World Records Council for Commonwealth Nations (WRCCN) is an independent self-governing, non-profit, non-governmental association. It is governed by its members who are represented or elected as representatives to three key decision-making bodies. The Council Committee is composed of four persons, and aims to reflect the diversity of the WRCCN membership culturally, linguistically and geographically as well as in the expertise of its members. The Council Committee is the association’s supervisory body. It ensures that the operations of the association are conducted in accordance with the Constitution and that it is operating within the applicable legislative frameworks. The Control Committee is responsible for the review and audit of WRCCN.

The Board is responsible for implementing Member Referendum resolutions and making policy decisions in accordance with the current strategic plan, constitution and applicable regulations.


The Board is composed of six elected members, one of whom is elected by the individual members of ICDE, and five by the institutional members. Members hold office for four years, with elections held every two years for three positions. Board members may be re-elected for a second term of 4 years, according to the WRCCN Constitution. The Nomination Committee exists to verify the qualifications of potential candidates for the Board and is composed of three persons.

World Records Council for Commonwealth Nations pursues objectives to achieve its vision and mission through research and development with the latest technology and result oriented optimum output.


  • To facilitate leaderships and cross border collaboration through events, specialist networks, projects and task forces

  • To enhance potential of independent service professionals and their forte as a team of WRCCN

  • To encourage people of nations for humanity, social, cultural cause and cater their potential

  • To create campaigns and mass events, awards and training programs for betterment of society

  • To provide recognition, identification and certification of members and professional

  • To compile the authenticated international and national records and felicitation in all continents

  • To publish various digital and print editions of the council

  • To find and promote new categories for an individual and the mass world records

  • To create and enhance posts of Brand Ambassador, Goodwill Ambassador, Peace Ambassador and Youth Ambassador

  • To provide opportunity for independent consultants and professionals to be a part of WRCCN

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