Terms & Conditions

  • It is not necessary that World book of Records Adjudicators to attend events. If an Adjudicator is not attending your record attempt we will authenticate your record from President Office in London, UK, using the documentation and evidence that you will have sent to our office. However, should you want a World Book of Records Adjudicator to attend your event, please contact us using our website. All requests are considered on an individual basis and the organizer may incur costs such as airfares, accommodation, official coordinator required at the time of record. It is advisable to submit your proposal to us as early as possible prior to your attempt.
  • At least two witnesses should be present at the time of attempting the record. The complete details about all the witnesses should be enclosed with the claim documents. All the documents should be duly signed by all the witnesses. Witness should be of relevent field for which record is to be attempted.
  • Once you have attempted the record, you must collect all the evidence requested in the guidelines. Failure to include the required documentation will ultimately delay the outcome of your claim or lead to its rejection.
  • World Book of Records does not accept attempts or records that can potentially lead to any kind of destruction or harm to property, health, morality or general well-being of an individual/organization/society. Similarly, the record/record attempt should not hurt or cause any kind of injury to any animals.
  • Approval and certification will be published only after receiving the claim form and the complete process of attempt verification. All claim materials/ documents/ evidences submitted to World Book of Records will be a property of WBR subsequent to the record claim. WBR is under no obligation to return any kind of claim materials/documents/evidence back to the attempter/attempting organization.
  • Digital format of the certificate will be provided on the completion of the record. Certificate and Medal will be handed over by the president or secretary of WBR at the award ceremony.
  • WBR does not endorse any claim as record by applicants. WBR committees will decide and verify your application before consideration as a record.

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