Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

World Book of Records (WBR) is one of the eminent organizations that catalogues and verifies a huge number of world records across the world with authentic certification. World Book of Records (WBR) powered by Alma (I). World Book of Records (WBR) has become the prominent organizations at the global scenario. The organization employs official record and it invites to everyone, anywhere across the world to make their dreams, achievement and pursuance a record-breaking a reality.

WBR does not endorse unsuitable activities or those which could cause potential harm or danger to spectators / animals.

WBR provide ‘soft’ or electronic copies of certificates.

We receive claims from all over the world. It is simply not possible for us to have every piece of documentation translated into English ourselves, or to have Record Managers who can speak every language.

WBR provides Certificate of Record having been broken or set of new Records.

Due to the large volume of materials we receive, it is not possible for us to return the items you submit.

WBR provides Certificate of Honor to the people who are extraordinary in their respective field.

Yes, WBR provides Requisition Services if needs there.

Any attempt that is successfully accepted as having broken and/or set a record can be awarded an exclusive WBR certificate in recognition of the achievement. WBR does not give on the spot certification until and unless you are registered as Priority Services and have informed us 7 weeks before the event.

Every Record attempt must be observed in its entirety by an independent witness or adjudicator a person with high standing in the community, or by a professional in your record attempting field. WBR are able to provide professional adjudicators who can witness your record attempt and make a WBR certificate presentation on the spot, giving you a great PR opportunity.

World Book of Records (WBR) also publishes the book as Personalities of the Year (POY) which contains achievements of World Book of Records holder and the personalities those excellence in their respective fields on global scenario. World Book of Records (WBR) has constituted a panel of judges (including the editorial team) that selects people who have consistently contributed to excellence

World Book of Records never pays record-breakers for their achievements – we also don't cover expenses, offer sponsorship or provide equipment. We believe that the prestige and international recognition of being an official World Book of Records record holder is reward enough. Also, our record holders are fuelled not by financial gain but the satisfaction of setting, achieving and surpassing their goals – and receiving their very own official World Book of Records certificate

WBR provides consultation Services if asked prior to setting or breaking a Record. Having consulted with WBR, one can maximize awareness, excitement and media coverage before and after with license of the Official Attempt logo and Official Record Holder logos.

WBR does not accept details of any Records through its postal address. WBR accepts details through prescribed Application Form with proper Reference Code allotted by WBR official. All details should be sent online with required format.

A book containing the official record is called a Log Book. A signed and dated log book that showing that the record attempt has been the focus of constant scrutiny. Time and duration of rest breaks, where relevant, should be indicated in the log. Measurements should be made by suitably qualified individuals and witnessed by the independent witnesses, where necessary.

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