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Date: 16 April 2021

World Book of Records - Switzerland launches a Global Pledge Campaign to promote safety and universality against Covid-19 and make each and every individual in the society aware about his duty and concern towards society and making the planet a happy and livable place for one and all. WBR will issue the Certificate of Commitment to all those who will participate in this campaign to save our dear planet and the society. In these torrid times when the whole world is suffering due to the rampaging effect of COVID -19, World Book of Record Switzerland (WBR) has taken an initiative to motivate and inspire people to come forward in their individual capacity and motivate their near and dear ones to take a pledge to follow the safety norms and procedures set by their respective governments and in general by the WHO. Need of the hour is to stay safe and motivate and educate others to stay safe in the Covid-19 pandemic period. This global campaign of the pledge is going to cover people and organizations of 100 countries. World Book of Records will issue the Certificate of Commitment to all those who will participate in this campaign. This was informed by Mr. Wilhelm Jezler from Zürich, Switzerland (Head of WBR Europe). He said that this Mass Pledge Campaign will be instrumental in motivating people of all continents so that together we will win this fight against COVID-19. On briefing about the campaign, Mr. Wilhelm Jezler said that one will have to take all necessary precautions that will prevent the spread of this deadly virus and to follow and encourage others to follow the key COVID protocol and appropriate behavior.  One has to always wear a mask/face cover, especially when in public places, maintain a minimum distance of six feet from others, wash hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water and use hand sanitizers appropriately when and where required and support the vaccination drive. The magnitude and outreach of this pandemic is so big that only government efforts will not suffice. Each and every individual and organization will have to step in. If we join hands today then undoubtedly we will be able to leave a much better tomorrow for our successive generations. The Certificate will be presented digitally to all personalities who have been committed to such a noble cause by the officials of World Book of Records.

This digital copy of the commitment certificate will be issued only after verification from the office of WBR without any fees. It is optional to proceed for a hard cover certification. The fee for a hard copy certificate, it's printing and publication fees (with information directory) will be applicable. The verification of application is compulsory whether applied through online or offline mode. It is just a social initiative by WBR. Certificate of Commitment is not a World Record Document rather than it is an appreciation certification under CSR initiative -Mass Pledge Campaign.

He appealed to people and other organizations to come forward and support the cause and save their and others' lives. World Book of Records (WBR) has been committed to follow guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). This campaign will coordinate and espouse the cause of the United Nations Organization (UNO). Significantly, World Book of Records is one of the leading organizations in international certification of world records. It works from all continents with a global network. It recognizes the potential of talent and capabilities in world records through international certification. WBR also honours personalities and lists places of outstanding contribution to humanity and universal peace. Your contribution in this regard will strengthen the spirit of the Pledge Campaign of the World Book of Records. Please send us your list with their details at office@worldrecords.ch. It is needless to state that this activity is purely a selfless one. It is to motivate and promote one to help another in these difficult times. It would be wrong to link it with any type of Record making, honouring or listing activity. World Book of Record, London, UK has greatly thankful and enthused about the response and appreciation for its CSR Initiative - Mass Pledge Campaign drive which has been instrumental in motivating people of all continents so that together we will win this fight against COVID-19.Under the pioneering guidance of Mr. Wilhelm Jezler from Zürich, Switzerland (Head of WBR European  initiative)  to motivate and inspire people with a pledge to be committed to safe and educate others to stay safe in the Covid-19 pandemic period.  This global campaign of the pledge has covered cover people and organizations of 70 countries. WBR bestows certificate of Commitment to people and organization for espousing  the cause of humanity in Corona Virus pandemic.


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