Authorized Participation Certificate

World Book of Records - London is an organization that catalogs and verifies extraordinary records across the world with authentic certification. World Book of Records, London, UK offers opportunity of Official Attempt to all claimants to set new records or break earlier. It provides a sense of dignity and different recognition from the rest of society with Certificate of Record, Provisional Certificate, Certificate of Honour, Certificate of Attempt and an Authorized Certificate of Participation for a mass event.


According to norms and regulation of World Book of Records an Authorized Participation Certificate of any mass event or group record is provided only by the organization as per Protocol of the organization. Apart from this, it provides Medals, Badges and Identity Cards for participants those involved in record setting or breaking mass events under the Adjudication of World Book of Records.

No organizer or parent association that organizes a mass event for claiming an official record could not provide Self Generating Participation Certificate with WBR Logo of such event .It is considered as FORGERY and shall be liable for legal action at International Jurisdiction in London.



Authorized Participation Certificate is a Legal Entity of World Book of Records – London with all its international Intellectual Property Rights (IIPR). Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are legal rights that protect creations and/or inventions resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields. The most common IPRs include patents, copyrights, marks and trade secrets.


If any organizer or parent association desire to get Authorized Participation Certificate from World Book of Records – London, they have to come with due registration process of all participation and proper documentation and prescribed fee as per individual registration. They have to inform and send official email about number of participation of the mass event prior to the claim date through authenticate data base.

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