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The Genesis of Cosmopolitan Ventures - ALMA WORLD LIMITED, UK

ALMA was setup in the year 2000. Its primary objective was to serve humanity and espouse the cause of education, health, environment, science and technology. It has been set up for organizing various activities with concrete blend of objectives and with a paramount mission. The nature of the association is totally dedicated to serve humanity within various spheres of activities. The association conducts autonomous job-oriented educational courses seminars, workshops, symposia and international conferences.  The association also organizes foreign exchange tours of its members for conducting philanthropic and educational activities. ALMA has been promoting educational cause in India and at global level for 20 years. It wants to create something worth creating that will endure the test of time. We do this by relentlessly focusing on our customers’ success, building high quality systems, and rigorous long – term planning. Alma World is a globally well - known organization that works in socio - economic development of people across the world. Owing to its philanthropic nature, ALMA promotes the cause of education, health, protection of environment, information technology, human rights, sustainable development through self-employment and youth motivation.

Over the period of time ALMA has come to stay. Its activities  i.e. educational, vocational, social have been appreciated and applauded by various national and international institutions. Moving with the times ALMA recognized  the fact that in order to move ahead in this vast changing world one had to be computer savvy and so to motivate the youth of today and provide them with proper employment opportunities computer education has been stressed upon.ALMA follows the philosophy of equality and it believes in enhancing opportunities for talent of the world through professional approach. It is an integral part of our culture as we collaborate and work towards a common goal across functions. We believe our company will only ever be as good as the people who work within it, and that is why learning and development is a key to us. It empowers employees and its students to work in an environment that is conducive and full of positivity. Learning and personality development go hand in hand and ALMA very resolutely believes in this paradigm.  We're grounded by humility and driven by ambition. ALMA constantly endeavors and promotes people who are connected with its approach to do their best and to focus on solutions and make an impact in the society through unrivaled diligence and dedication. 

World Book of Records - World Book of Records is one of the leading organizations in international certification. Its primary objective and goal is to Records, Honour, Listing and appreciate, authenticate and adjudicate events which can be termed as activities of world standard. Since its inception in the year 2017 it has spread its wings and it is working with global presence in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is but noteworthy to mention that the activities and the events under the banner of WBR have been possible due to the painstaking, laborious, diligent contribution of volunteers, executives, adjudicators of team WBR.

World Record Book Limited,UK - It is a publishing initiative of World Book of Records. Its primary objective is to publish market, and publicize world records in both physical and eBook formats. Apart from its core categories, World Records Book Company UK is committed to publish books in general including religion, spirituality, science and technology, health and healing, environment and social change.


Quality Certification Limited,UK - Quality Certification  which is a globally authorized company for quality control and performance grading through verification, assessment and audit by Quality Certification Limited UK.  It is a certification division for quality and control in products and services of corporate world. Quality Certification  dedicates to improve individual, organizational and social performance.

Alma World Limited,UK – This is a company which has in its objective various educational, social, cultural, economical agendas. It has been a spectrum of many ventures under the flagship of a registered company of United Kingdom - Alma World Limited UK.

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