Dharmendra Bhalla Sets Record of Making A Kundan Jadau Ring With New Technique in Purest Form of Gold

While his mind keeps inventing designs, Dharmendra Bhalla's heart aspires to bridge the gap between the age old Kundan jewellery making and need of current times. So he took up the challenge of doing something optimistic in dark times of pandemic and made a Kundan Jadau Ring in the design of Covid-19 shape and thus making it one of its kinds in the whole world. Hailing from the vibrant Rajasthan's colourful Jaipur city, Mr. Bhalla has designed a vivid peace of kundan ring which has never been designed before with the technique that has never been used before. World Book of Records, London appreciates the creative innovation in jewellery designing and includes this record in Gold Edition 2020. Mr. Bhalla attempted this innovative design with innovative technique of making this jewel ring which weights 17.458 gms and is engraved with 86 precious stones. He began the process and designing on 6th April 2020 and completed his journey by 27th April 2020. He also inovated the technique by not using any material base and CAD CAMM technique. Gold was in its purest form and no melting of gold was done. Also the engraving was done directly. Mr. Bhalla has mastered the art of Kundan jewellery making through his 30 years' journey in the same arena. Apart from being a jewellery art designer, he also is a teacher by heart and passion and teaches this precious art to those, who have an eye for details.


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