Siitaare - The Shining Talents of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India gets included by World Book of Records - London

Wilhelm Jezler (Chairman, iudex International, Switzerland), Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla (Senior BJP Leader), Ms. Poonam Jezler (Switzerland), Shankar Lalwani (Member of Parliament) and other guests presented the certificate

INDORE: Siitaare - The Shining Talents of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India has been included by World Book of Records for organizing a virtual mass event for the show 'Udaan Khwaisho Ki' Edition 4 in diverse Talents - Diverse Age Category involving 779 participants and more than 600 performances with the youngest participant being 2 years 6 months old and the eldest participant being 105 years old, completed in 44 hours in 11 days from 2nd October 2021 to 31st October. Talent never goes hidden, if given the right launchpad. When the world is on the verge of extinct, it is said that some avatar from any religion comes forward in human form and uplifts the humanity. As absurd as it may sound, but there are plethora of humanitarians who have not just firm belief in philanthropy, but also have changed lives through their maximum servitude. The legendary saga of Ms. Surjit Kaur is no less than a benchmark story to be followed and heard over a million times. At the age of 72 years, Surjit has found her calling, which is in servitude and thus she founded 'SITARE- The Shining Talents' and has launched an online performance series which is one of its kinds to get more than 10-12 thousand viewership within a week. World Book of Records, London is astonished to see the creativity blooming in country during pandemic times and Ms. Surjit's effort to keep it going and to keep the hope alive. World Book of Records includes her in its India edition-2021. Ms. Surjit had reached a juncture of life, where everything seems to have got paused and that is what she wanted to avoid and wanted to fulfil others' lives. She was blessed with a huge circle of acquaintances due to her age and positive attitude. She thought to utilise this and on her son's suggestion, she thought to launch the first performance based event online due to pandemic. To her surprise, the footfall was unbelievable and she witnessed the divine energy blooming in people to be unleashed through a large spectrum of talents. The first edition of Udaan Khwahishon Ki was launched on 9th May and the next one in series was launched in October-2020. All the editions had one beauty about them, which was 'age no bar'. People from 2.5 years to 77-88 years had taken part and performed according to their choice. The performances were not related to just dancing or singing or painting but there were few very unique ones too, which left imprints in hearts. One such performance was by a needle artist from Punjab, who used to make the face's portrait through embroidery and make it look like painting. This needle artist also made a record breaking embroidery of whole Ramleela earlier. There were few people who recited their by-hearted Sanskrit Shlokas. Another best thing about all the editions was that the entry for specially abled people was absolutely free. The subsequent third edition also added more glory to SITARE's fame. Ms. Surjit has always found purpose in adding meaning to deprived lives through SITARE and has also extended her hand towards Aadiwasi people to participate and almost 100 of them are taking a step ahead towards growth with her friend's effort. The participants who took part were not only from different backgrounds, but also from different walks of life and from different generations in the same family. There were even 4 generations present at the edition. On being asked about further plans regarding the next edition, Ms. Surjit beams about a dance competition on her mind.

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