Kavita R. Medar from Bangalore (Karnataka) India gets included by World Book of Records - London

India: Ms. Kavita R. Medar hails from a small town in Karnataka has set the record by doing more than 110 flips of two bottles while juggling within just a minute. Her 3 years of diligent practice have brought her to the mastery of this art form which is better known as flair bartending. Ms. Kavita has been included in Gold Edition-2020 of World Book of Records, London for creating a unique style as one hand and two bottles by female flair bartender on 24 December 2020 involving 122 flips in 1 minute and 122 flips in 1 minute - over the shoulder. This was informed by Mr. Santosh Shukla, Supreme Court Advocate (President, World Book of Records). The certificate of inclusion was presented to Ms. Kavita R. Medar by Mrs. Poonam Jezler (President, WBR - Switzerland), Mr. Willi Jezler (Prominent Businessman, Switzerland). On this occasion, Shri Santosh Shukla (President, WBR), Shri Vikram Trivedi (Educationist), Dr. Suchita Shukla (Director, Alma World) and other dignitaries were present. In Pune, Ms. Kavita found Talent Flair Mania Bartending Services, where she learnt the art of balancing and juggling and from there on, her practice for 8 hours began diligently. Even during pandemic times, when everybody else was busy criticising the disease or just worrying about the future, Ms. Kavita kept her vision alive and passion burning and burnt midnight oil to keep practicing relentlessly and achieved mastery in this art form. On being asked about the type of physical challenges being faced, Ms. Kavita revealed that at times her leg used to get hurt and sometimes any body part used to get injuries during practice, but her dreams and passion were bigger than those small injuries and that is how she kept on going. Bartending services include male barmen and female barmaids, who have a special flair to serve the right kind of drink in the right manner with the right blend and amount and serving in the right glass. The normal juggling of bottles is considered as an art under bartending services.  Ms. Kavita has surely made it big with her bigger ambitions and biggest passion to make her mark. When Ms. Kavita came across this unique flair bartending, her curiosity took her online to search more about it. She thanks the internet for being there for the deprived class and believes that if any other art form like dance or singing can be learnt and taught, why not flair bartending.


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