Harsh Joshi of Indore (Madhya Pradesh) India gets included by World Book of Records - London

Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidik (Eminent Political Thinker & Foreign Policy Expert, New Delhi, India) Ms. Poonam Willi Jezler (President, WBR, Switzerland) And Others Graced The Occasion.

A champion is not born; he is made with hard work, passion and perseverance. More than all of these, a champion is built by faith. Faith in oneself, when nobody else believes you and your abilities. Life journey of Mr. Harsh Joshi is somewhat similar to becoming a rising phoenix from the ashes of self belief. This young 21 years old fitness enthusiast is a long distance runner and a trainer at Academy of Indore Marathon (AIM). This youngest marathon trainer is extremely passionate and extra-ordinarily talented to not just train anybody of any age or any profession, but also revives their holistic fitness by making them do the right kind of exercise. World Book of Records, London recognises the talent of this youngest trainer and includes him in its India edition-2020. Beginning from 2015 with his athletic set of mind, Mr. Harsh Joshi began practising. A district level badminton winner, who left the game due to financial crunch, could not drop his passion for sports and kept himself involved in some or the other form of sport and always kept on practicing running. It is said that talent doesn't need to be told, it is spotted by the right set of eyes. The same happened with Mr. Harsh and once when he was running for more than an hour in the ground nearby his home, someone was observing him and spotted him running nonstop. That person came forward and offered Mr. Harsh to make a life in athletics by inviting him to a place in Indore, where sports were being practiced and this young and passionate man could manifest his dream of fitness by training the people there. He began training people in free. His fame increased and so did his physical needs for proper nutrition and that is where money disrupted his path again and he became dejected. He tried seeking sponsorships from bigwigs in the city, but no avail. Nevertheless, Mr. Harsh never gave up on his dreams and kept on running every morning. Once again the fate smiled at him and he was being observed and spotted by a bunch of people, who too happened to be interested in fitness. One of them approached him and complimented his dedication and regularity towards his craft of running and confessed that they were extremely impressed beyond measures and wanted to be trained by him. Mr. Harsh, who had never given professional fitness training to anyone, was surprised, but accepted the offer and that is where his journey of being the youngest and most passionately involved trainer commenced. With time, the number of trainees and his fame grew in parallel manner. To manage his finances, he was also working part time and kept on participating in marathons and one of them International level race of 42. 195 kms race held in Gujarat, Vadodara. If life is a race, Mr. Harsh Joshi is running well in it.



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