Guru Mann International Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

Shri Guru Mann International Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialist San Francisco Bay California (United States)  has  been honoured by World Book of Records, London for honoured as one of International Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Specialists promoting Health Awareness among people at global level.

Shri Guru Mann was bestowed with the certificate of honour by Shri Yogesh Mohan Gupta (Chancellor, IIMT), Shri Daler Mendi (Brand Ambassador, World Book of Records, London), Smt. Taranpreet Mehndi, Shri Santosh Shukla (President, World Book of Records, London) and Usman Khan (Music Director, Bollywood and Adjudicator World Book of Records, London).

Significantly, with over 4 Million followers on social media, he has broken big barrier and proved that borders don’t matter when it comes to spreading his passion for fitness. Living in United States, He has been in fitness industry for last 21 years. He is India’s first Fitness YouTuber who provides completely free fitness programs to community and have 4 YouTube Channels with Millions of Subscribers around the world. Mission India Fit is his goal to change how India is placed on the global map, in terms of health and fitness.

On being recognized for exclusive honour by World Book of Records, London UK, he was  congratulated by Shri Virendra Sharma (Member of Parliament, England), Dr. Diwakar Sukul (Chairman, World Book of Records, London), Shri Santosh Shukla, Supreme Court Advocate (President, World Book of Records),  and Usman Khan(Music Director, Bollywood).

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