ESN Publications from Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu Gets Included By World Book Of Records - London

Chennai: ESN Publications published the Thickest Book of the World containing 1210 research papers and 11, 796 pages under the supervision of its Founder Chairman Mr. J. Banuchandar. The one, who reads, is the one who leads. Keeping this Universal truth in mind, ESN Publishers from Arrupukottai, Tamil Nadu decided to do something phenomenal in publishing industry to keep up the spirit of reading. The publication published the thickest book ever and set a world record on 30th Jan, 2021. The book contains 1210 research papers' compilation in 11, 796 pages in total. The title of the book is 'Latest Innovation for Future Education'. The entire book focuses on innovative and unique ways to education in future times. Founder Chairman Mr. J. Banuchandar revealed the objective of publishing the thickest book by embossing the need of reading habit, which is on the verge of extinct due to technological revolution. In the times, when nobody wants to read or write, this book focused on such a vital aspect of life, will help in shaping minds and perspectives. World Book of Records, UK cherishes the faith and vision behind this initiative and includes it in its India edition. The Certificate of inclusion was presented to Mr. J. Banuchandar by Ms. Tithi Bhalla (General Secretary, WBR) at Hotel Turayaa, Chennai on 30th January 2021. This was informed by Mr. Santosh Shukla - President, World Book of Records, UK. The compilation of book was done through a team at the publishing house which included Founder and Chairman - ESN Publications, R. Nivethikha- Book Publication Head, and ESN Publications. The publication is dedicated to publish just academic books and has published more than 100 books so far. The topics of books cater to each subject in education. With the addition of 24 chapters, the 1210 research papers which came from the contribution of around 1500 Research Scholars, Research disciples, Professors and Vice Chancellors. The compilation of these research papers got framed in 11, 796 pages in total. While the book compiling, editing and advertising for the invites for research papers took 7 months in total, Founder Chairman Mr. J. Banuchandar feels that it was all worth it as the book will serve as a gospel for all the educators and top academicians. While on the other hand, ESN Publishers is planning to set more world records in future and publishing more than 250 books is in the pipeline, the publication has also set a world record in past by organising 150 hours' non-stop presentation which included all the topics of academics, where more than 298 participants took part to carry the presentation for 150 non-stop hours. With dedicated publishers like ESN, the nation will be guided towards the better quality in education which will lead to the glorification of Indian education sector in the whole world.


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