Er. (Dr.) Mihir Kumar Panda of Balasore, Odisha (India) gets included by World Book of Records – London

NEW DELHI: Er. (Dr.) Mihir Kumar Panda Founder & Co-ordinator General, SROSTI (Social Development Research Organization for Science Technology & Implementation) Balasore, Odisha (India) has been included by World Book of Records - London for being an Innovator and Creator of Prototype Teaching Aids and Innovations and creating more than 10,000 teaching aids and devices for Academic, Social and Economic betterment of the country. The Certificate of Record was presented to Er. (Dr.) Mihir Kumar Panda by officials of World Book of Records. On being recognized by World Book of Records, London (UK), Er. (Dr.) Mihir Kumar Panda was congratulated by Shri Virendra Sharma (Member of Parliament, England), Mr. Willi Jezler (Chairman, Gold Book – Europe), Dr. Diwakar Sukul (Chairman, World Book of Records, London), Ms. Poonam Jezler (President, WBR – Switzerland) Shri Santosh Shukla (President, World Book of Records) and other dignitaries from international scenario.

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