Educationist Nishant Varshney of Kota, Rajasthan, India gets included by World Book of Records - London

Wilhelm Jezler (Chairman, iudex International, Switzerland), Ven. Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla (Senior BJP Leader), Ms. Poonam Jezler (Switzerland), Shankar Lalwani (Member of Parliament) and other guests presented the certificate

INDORE: Educationist Nishant Varshney of Kota, Rajasthan, India has been included by World Book of Records for conducting continuous 12 hours and 13 minutes online class for more than 150 students of NEET- UG aspirants from 6.00 am to 6.13 pm on 10 October 2021. One of the leading organizations, World Book of Records has organized its awards functions at Marriott Hotel in Indore (Central India). The biggest philanthropy can be done through education and the most noble profession is teaching. When it comes to teaching in city which is known as the educational hub like Kota, Rajasthan, the job and duty of a teacher becomes all the more accountable and challenging. Mr. Nishant Varshney's story resembles the same dedication and accountability through which he has left his footprints of 18 years of intensive teaching in Kota. Hailing from Kota, Mr. Varshney has been teaching in the top institutes of India. He has mentored many single digits ranks from his hard work and dedication like AIR rank 1,2,3,4,5 and 7 in NEET exam. Mr. Varshney's dedication towards students has been noteworthy and phenomenal that even a bunch of online students gave him the title of 'daddy'. He is one of those ideal teachers, who live in the heart of students and who enable students' minds to rule. The longest 12 hours and 13 minutes session was organised by him for NEET 2022 aspirants. The topic he dealt during these 12 hours was pretty technical and yet he made it sound like a music. The long 12 hours intensive session was so easily passed that none of the attendees ever realised that the time was over and at the end, they all were looking forward to learn more. Not to forget the brownie point of the whole session here, which lies in his philanthropic approach, where he kept the training free of charge everyone. The major problem with education system during pandemic times erupted as the monster named 'focus' where all the students who are learning online cannot focus for longer duration, but Mr. Varshney always has broken the stereotypes and has set new benchmarks in education industry. The secret of his classes being so interesting is in his deep interaction with students, where he prefers holistic bonding with kids due to which every students was in awe with his teaching style and once anyone chooses him, they fail to pick up any other mentor. Mr. Varshney is an epitome of multi talented personality, where he loves cycling and has achieved SR title in cycling from France after completion 200 km /300km /400km /600km. Teaching is his passion and the roots of teaching come from his grand father late Harishankar Gupta, who was railway govt employee, but he taught all poor students in railway as a part time without any charge. With his passion of teaching, Mr. Varshney has stitched his philanthropic vision and is dreaming of teaching on youtube without any cost to all those people who are unable to afford the high ticket courses to make their dreams come true. A man who makes others dream alive is the man who has lived the life in true sense is what we can say and wish him all the very best in future. 

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