Arham Vijja Foundation from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India gets included by World Book of Records – London

Ms. Sunita is known for conducting the world's largest chanting Navkar Mantra chanting event with maximum number of chants (3,11,09,184) with (72,012) participants online and offline . If you think that chanting is related to religion, then you need to re-check your facts. Not only many international and national researches have worked on chanting being the ultimate tool for meditation and chakra cleaning, but also grandeur chanting events like one which Ms. Sunita Chajlani organized stand as a strong proof that when it comes to chanting, religion is no bar. On the occasion of 121st Janma Mahotasav of Rashtrasanth Acharya Bhagwant Shri. Anand Rishiji M.S., chanting of 3,11,09,184 Navkaar Mantra Jaap (chanting) was planned and organized by Jain Shwetambar Social Groups Federation (Registered), Arham Vijja Foundation on the Sunday, 01 Aug 2021 between 8.30 to 10.30 am IST. The cherry on the cake is its international and cross cultural and inter-religious fame where people from every race and every corner took part and made it a huge success. World Book of Records, London is proudly astonished to see such an unbelievable but not impossible number of gathering both online and offline and thus includes it in its India edition-2021. The event was hosted from Anand Samavasharan in Mahaveer baug Indore, which was mentored and anchored by Upadhyaya Shri Praveen Rishiji M.S. in smooth rhythm and tune. Tuning to his notes, the chanting was also done at multiple centers and homes in India as well as internationally in 10 different countries. With local city wise lockdown in force on account of pandemic, the chanting was conducted offline (at community prayer halls in multiple cities) and virtually online on Zoom. For the benefit of sadhak’s the event is currently hosted on Youtube.  Ms. Sunita left no stone unturned to make this chanting a global level event without keeping any selfih motives of popularity in mind, but she in fact did it with utmost dedication to spread the word about the powerful impact of chanting on any human's mind. Her non-ulterior motives which served as a true tribute to her Gurudev and her late mother have resulted in something larger than life itself. She considers her Guru as her ultimate source of inspiration and power as she had lost her mother at the very tender age of just 2 and a half years. Since then struggles have become her  best friends and she too has grown wiser with time. Married at just 18 years of age, Ms. Sunita did not had any other source to rely on except God and chanting and that's what reaped soul power into her.  Ms. Sunita always credits her mother and her granny as her roots to cultural strength, but she never forgets to admit that her whole existence got an identity due to practicing chanting. She is the lady of logics and doesn't support any faith blindly and thus she has been a witness to her own peace of mind through this Navkar Mantra.  The whole chanting event was conducted while keeping the pandemic guidelines in mind and people chanted from their homes and from sifferent chanting centres with proper social distancing norms followed.


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