Niswarth Seva Sangathan and Charitable Trust from Banaskantha (Gujarat) India gets included by World Book of Records - London

India: Niswarth Seva Sangathan and Charitable Trust from Banaskantha (Gujarat) India under the guidance of President Shri Nitinbhai Dhotiya (Thakor) has set the world record by performing last rites of the deceased ones due to covid-19. The objective was to pay tribute and respect to the ones, whose last funeral rites could not be performed by their family in pandemic's turbulent times. World Book of Records recognises the philanthropic activity envisioned by benevolent hearts and includes it in its Gold Edition-2020 for performing rituals of farewell ceremony of Covid-19 dead bodies with 10 priests at Balaram Palanpur on 08 November 2020. The aforementioned information was provided by Mr. Santosh Shukla, Supreme Court, Advocate (President, World Book of Records). The certificate of inclusion was presented to Mr. Nitin Bhai Dhotiya (Thakor) by Mrs. Poonam Jezler (President, WBR - Switzerland), Mr. Willi Jezler (Prominent Businessman, Switzerland). On this occasion, Shri Santosh Shukla (President, WBR), Shri Vikram Trivedi (Educationist), Shri Rohan Desai (Goa), Dr. Suchita Shukla (Director, Alma World) and other dignitaries were present. A human being's life gets meaning when he begins to give meaning to others' lives. Niswarth Seva Sangathan and Charitable Trust has lived up to not just its name but also with the above mentioned line and has been giving meaning to many people's lives since the last three years. Serving during the pandemic times by this Sangathan has proved that the organization is selfless in real sense. Niswarth Seva Sangathan and Charitable Trust also had organized a hawan for Covid-19 removal, where the ritualistic prayers were performed in unison to fight with Covid-19 virus. Mr. Nitinbhai also organised a free mask distribution mission, where more than 14 thousand free masks were distributed in pandemic times. Also a Corona hawan was performed in an old age home by the organization. By leaving no stone unturned and with the mission of helping the deprived, the organization also provided food to almost 50,000 people. Almost 1,100 ration kits were delivered, where one kit runs for 10 days for one person. Mr. Nitin, who has been dedicatedly devoted to social upliftment from the last 15 years to social work and he keeps coming up with innovative ideas to support the society to the best of his abilities. Recently, the visionary man has come up with the idea backed by women empowerment, where he has planned free sewing classes for those women who could not complete their formal education. So far 120 students have registered under the guidance of two trained professional teachers for sewing. Mr. Nitin has arranged classes for both morning and evenings so women can pick up timings according to their comfort. 


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