At World Book of Records (WBR), we provide other requisition services as per request from applicants.

Invite WBR Official Team/Judge: You could have an opportunity as presence of an Official World Book Records Team/ Judge to create a sense of prestige, attract media and enhance the emotional connection between your brand and audience. Applicants get benefits as:

WRB officials – immediate start processing of your application and receipt of your record guidelines.

WRB officials provide you explanation of your guidelines to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Photo opportunities for press announcements with an official World Book Records certificate presentation. Maximize awareness, excitement and media coverage before and after with license of the Official Attempt logo and Official Record Holder logos.Consultation: At World Book of Records (WBR), we provide consultation services as per request from applicants.

World Star Certification (WSC)

World Book Records’ World Star Certification (WSC) London, UK is a globally authorized certifying body for quality control and performance grading through World Book Records’ Star Performance Certification (WSC). WSC dedicates to improve individual, organizational, and social performance. It is the leading international organization that dedicated to inspiring productivity and performance in the workplace from individual, institution to organizations. WSC offers opportunities those are involve in Educational Health, Hospitality sector, Environment, Human Rights, Social, Cultural, Science Art, Woman Entrepreneurship, Woman Empowerment, Historical Heritage & Assets and Management & IT. WSC has an authorized body that provides excellence awards, star certifications and felicitations for outstanding performance of people or things in all fields.

World Book Records’ Star Performance Awards and Certification is one of the leading performances awarding through ALMA-UK that has to be given those who carved the niche on their associated field. It is varied from education, hospitality, best services, and music & find arts. Star graded awards and certification could be honor an individual, a performing group of art or culture, an organization, association, company or specific NGO that work for betterment of society and moral values through activities of mankind. Apart from this, star graded awards and certification could be honored to media group, an individual journalist/editor and all those who promoting the very cause of express of freedom through media. Star grading awards and certification are open for all across the globe through proper registration and channelized process.

Branding Your Businesses with WBR

World Book of Records (WBR) is one of the leading organizations that collect record and verify world records. Apart from this, we work with leading global brands and businesses to create record-breaking campaigns that engage your audience through unforgettable moments of sheer amazement and wonder, delivering bottom-line results.

And our clients benefit from being placed at the heart of these precious moments, by being respected as truly world-class.

The unique flexibility of our working means that we can develop campaigns firmly aligned to your objectives; they have the power to engage millions on social media, create content that people can’t resist watching, and to deliver headline-grabbing events.

Our clients turn to us to amplify initiatives for a variety of purposes, including:

    • Brand awareness
    • Sponsorship activation
    • Anniversaries
    • Product & Service launch
    • Good cause awareness
    • Team-building & Employee engagement
    • CSR

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