Sevenraj of Bangalore (Karnataka) India gets felicitated by World Book of Records – London

India: Sevenraj, CEO of Sevenraj’s Estate Agency of Bangalore (Karnataka) India has been felicitated  by World Book of Records in India  Edition for the unique lifestyle and flamboyant personality with devoted to number 07. The Certificate was presented to Mr. Sevenraj by Ms. Shikha Sharma (President, WBR - Bangalore). Significantly, Indian real estate agent Sevenraj's father named him after the number seven, and since then, he has spent his life surrounding himself with the number. But it didn't stop there - he developed an extreme fixation on the colours red and white. And seeing him dressed in a red and white suit, driving a red and white car and living in a red and white house, it is hard not to take notice. While his passion for the number seven began when he was named, his peculiar attraction to red and white and has seen him become a full-blown home town celebrity.

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