Lt.- Col. Rajneesh Joshi of New Delhi India gets included by World Book of Records – London

India: Lt.-Col. Rajneesh Joshi of New Delhi India  has been included  by World Book of Records in India Edition for being attempted and summited 09 Peaks in 08 days in Ladakh region. The Certificate of inclusion was presented to Lt.- Col. Rajneesh Joshi by officials of World Book of Records. Significantly, his achievements of the team as Summiting 9 peaks in 8 days in Ladakh region, Summiting 4 peaks above 6000 meters in  12 hours in Ladakh region, Summiting  two virgin peaks in 12 hours in Ladakh Region and Summiting  five peaks in 12 hours in Ladakh  region from 26 July to 02 August 2019. 

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