Dr. Gaddipati Bala Koteswara Rao of Hyderabad, Telangana India gets included by World Book of Records - London

Hyderabad:  Dr. Gaddipati Bala Koteswara Rao, Chairman and Managing Director of  Pragati Green Meadows and Resorts Ltd. Hyderabad, Telangana India has been included by the World Book of Records for identifying sacred, herbal and medicinal plants and preserving more than 650 medicinal flora and a total of 40 lakh plants and trees on land from the last 25 years. The Certificate of Record was presented to Dr. Gaddipati Bala Koteswara Rao. Significantly, Dr. Gaddipati Bala Koteswara Rao has been one of the dynamic personalities of the global scenario who has carved the niche and made apex achievements in the field of plant preservation.  Born into an agricultural family of Repalle, A Mechanical Engineering by training, a successful Design Engineer by talent and an entrepreneur by inclination he took over Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park that spreads over 2500 acres. He brought to life the rich Bharatiya Rishi Sanskriti, and Vedic Living. Accordingly, Vanamulikalu and Avulu are the Prana Pradaatalu and Arogya Pradaatalu. Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitaha and Gow Samrakshana - only by protection of the sacred herbal, medicinal and aromatic plants and sacred heritage cows, humanity can counter the two threats of hunger and pollution. He strongly believes that, if we protect trees the trees will protect us, and aims to develop garden cities and create spaces free of bad bacteria, viruses and mosquitoes. Based on the concept that “Food is the Medicine” It brings health, wealth, happiness and joy to every household in India.  

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