Amritsar Haveli Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. From Amritsar, (Punjab) India gets included by WBR - London

India: Amritsar Haveli Cuisines Pvt. Ltd. with the help of 7-8 chefs made World's largest Kulcha measuring 2.7 feet (32 inches) within the span of just 25-30 minutes. World Book of Records, London admires the passion behind the curtains and the perseverance of the group to publicise the brand by genuine experimental efforts and includes it in its India Edition-2020. The Provisional Certificate was presented to Mr. Rubjeet Singh Grover by Mr. Randeep Singh Kohli (President WBR-Punjab) and Ms. Surjeet Kohli (WBR-India). This was informed by Shri Santosh Shukla Supreme Court,  Advocate (President , World Book of Records, London). Mr. Rubjeet Singh Grover, the founder and MD of Amritsar Haveli Cuisines revealed that the idea took birth between the gloom and boredom of pandemic times, where they thought of promoting the brand by going out of the way and thus making something out of the box without deviating much from their main cultural cuisine. The making was attempted on 25th December and had an objective to reach worldwide. There are ways to stay positive and this lockdown has been the best teacher to learn the art of optimism. In the dark times, where the whole world came to a halt and many lost their jobs and many lost on hopes to stay alive, Amritsar Haveli Cuisines Pvt Ltd was one such group, which was planning the ways to keep the mood and fervour pepped up by experimenting with their signature food cusine- Amritsari Kulcha.  According to Mr. Grover, the ideal time to prepare such a big kulcha is generally an hour, since it takes baking in clay oven and stuffing the kulcha which makes it heavier and makes it take longer to get cooked, but they managed to get it done in half the expected time with the assistance of 7-8 chefs. Amritsari Kulcha is renowned, stuffed Indian bread, originated from Punjab, India. It is cooked in clay oven and stuffed with potatoes, onions, vegetables and other spices (Chana masala). Absolute care regarding the social distancing was adhered to and there was not any mass gathering to witness the event there. The event and its making will be telecasted virtually through social media.  Amritsar Haveli Cuisines has four outlets in India and is planning to roll out more than 20 in 2021. They also had pitched the expansion plans to US and Australia, but pandemic times kept everything on hold. All the held plans will be resumed soon. It is a USA registered company and will have its expansion soon in Canada as well. During the pandemic, there has been a good amount of social work conducted by Amritsar Haveli group. The food group decided not to deduct any salary of its employees and also fulfilled their basic needs of essentials during lockdown. Mr. Grover's father who had a family business of Sikh Books' publications running since 140 years, had always been a philanthropic man with much benevolent outlook in every sphere of life.




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