Unleashing Ingenuity : Celebrating Breakthroughs at the World's Largest Innovation Expo at Presidency University, Bangalore

World's Largest Innovation Expo Organized by Presidency University of Bangalore (Karnataka), India Gets Adjudicated by World Book of Records.

Bangalore (Karnataka): The Presidency University of Bangalore has been adjudicated by the World Book of Records for organizing the World's Largest Innovation Expo involving 2600 freshmen. The Innovation Expo, held on the sprawling campus of Presidency University, brought together brilliant minds, innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts from across the globe. The event showcased a diverse range of groundbreaking inventions, cutting-edge technologies, and disruptive ideas that are shaping the future. The Provisional Certificate of Record was presented to Dr. D. Subhakar (Vice Chancellor, Presidency University, Bangalore) by Dr. Shikha Sharma, Dr. Vasantha Kavitha K.C. Reddy and Dr. Tithi Bhalla (WBR Officials) in the gracious presence of Sri. Ramachandran Subramani (Chief Advisor, PGI Group), Dr. A.M. Surendra Kumar (Pro-Vice Chancellor - Academics, Presidency University), Ms. Sameena Noor Ahmad Panali (Registrar, Presidency University) and other dignitaries. The program was coordinated by Dr. M.S Divya Rani (Head-Innovative Projects, Presidency University, Bangalore). 

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