Lord Shiva Hindu Temples of Amsterdam, Netherlands gets felicitated with Certificate of Appreciation by World Book of Records

Amsterdam: Barrister Santosh Shukla (President and CEO, World Book of Records) has announced that Lord Shiva Hindu Temples of Amsterdam, Netherlands has been recognized with the Certificate of Appreciation by World Book of Records for matchless contribution in performing religious and rituals of the Hindu community and being the only temple where ‘langar’ (food) is served to devotees for 365 days of a year. The certificate of Appreciation was handed over to Pt. Avi Sharma (Founder) by His Holiness Shri Rajrajeshwar Guruji (Peace Ambassador, World Book of Records) at Dutch Parliament Building, Amsterdam, Netherlands along with dignitaries. Mr. Shukla briefed that Certificate of Appreciation (CoA) is an authenticated document of the certification division of World Book of Records Limited which is
bestowed upon a person, place or thing with maintaining specific standards to serve in a concerned field or respected area of activities.
Significantly, Lord Shiva Hindu Temple is a Hindu temple which has upcomed in Zuidoost with the sole objective of offering the most focused and customized services to the devotees of the Hindu community in relation to the Hindu rituals and religious Hindu programmes. It is the place where God can be approached and divine knowledge can be discovered. The idols of multiple deities are situated under one roof in the Lord Shiva Hindu Temple comprising of the deities of Shiv Parivaar, Lord Ganesha ,Durga Maa, Maa Saraswati, Maa Kali, Shree Ram Sita, Veer Hanuman, Shree Radhe Krishna, Lord Surya, Shirdi Sai Baba and first time in the locality the Panch Mukhi Shivling as the main core of the temple that could be worshipped by the devotees. There is a special provision of serving food popularly known as ‘langar’ every day after evening Aarti in a separate ‘langar hall’ in the temple for the devotees. Lord Shiva Hindu Temple has special arrangements for the proceedings of various Poojas, Hawans, Jagran, marriage, Sanskar Pooja, religious discourses like Bhajans/Kirtans, Mata ki Chowki and all the Hindu ceremonies of a human from the first rites to the last rites are performed. On being recognized by World Book of Records, London (UK), Pt. Avi Sharma was congratulated by members of the Central Working Committee of WBR and other dignitaries from international scenario. #WBR

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