Contribution of people and organizations get Commitment Certificate of Global Pledge Campaign for fight against COVID-19 pandemic

Certificate of Commitment is not a world record document rather it is an appreciation certification from Global Pledge Campaign

London: Global Pledge Campaign has been a motivational initiative of World Book of Records and a part of an awareness campaign for the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. This global campaign of the pledge has been to generate interest in people and organizations of 100 countries since its inception. In support of this noble cause, Global Pledge Campaign and World Book of Records will issue the Certificate of Commitment to all those who will participate in this campaign.  This was informed by Shri Santosh Shukla Supreme Court; Advocate (President, World Book of Records UK). He said that the noble part of an initiative is to motivate and inspire people and organizations with a pledge to be committed to safe and educate others to stay safe in the Covid-19 pandemic period in their respective countries. World Book of Records UK has only supported the cause. It is also notable that Certificate of Commitment is not a world record document rather it is an appreciation certification. This commitment certificate will shoulder the full responsibility of acknowledgment of good deeds at international level. The Commitment Certificate of Global Pledge Campaign is a different entity and has nothing to do with the official certificates of World Book of Records; those are issued for categories of  world records and felicitations to people or organizations. He further emphasized that In the global crisis of Covis-19 pandemic, civil society, local informal first-responders, civil society, the Diaspora, businesses, local governments, local and international non-governmental organizations all play a crucial role in a timely delivery of humanitarian aid. They are serving society and humanity through their matchless contribution in such a period of distress and agony. They even espouse the cause with synergy and innovative coordination. In such a way, the Global Pledge Campaign would mark its identity to serve humanity in different perspectives. Significantly, World Book of Records (WBR) that works from all continents with a global network. It recognizes potential talent and capabilities in world records through international certification.  It also honours personalities and places of outstanding contribution to humanity and universal peace.


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