Federation of Sustainable Development of Common Wealth Countries

Federation of Sustainable Development of Common Wealth Countries is an autonomous organization that pursues the motto of all-round development of people and nations of the world. It works in a global network and provides ample opportunity to people, institutes, organizations, and academies.

The collective motto of the Federation of Sustainable Development of Common Wealth Countries is to promote the cause of youth and woman empowerment, education, culture and environment. Common Wealth Secretariat has helped and motivated young people in fighting against violent extremism and building strong communities. Officials from local government, civil society and non-governmental organizations could take part in the training. The Federation of Sustainable Development of Common Wealth Countries supports people's participation in democracy and development.



The vision of the federation is to work philanthropic and spread the spirit of teamwork among its members in general and growth index in particular. Organizations that work in many different fields, but the term is generally associated with those seeking social transformation and improvements in quality of life. The development of organizations is the most highly visible domain and includes both international and local organizations, as well as those working in humanitarian emergency sector.


The mission of the federation is to cater to the needs of its members in smooth function through moral, administrative and legal protection. The rapid development of the non-governmental sector occurred in western countries as a result of the processes of restructuring of the welfare state. NAI follows needs to balance the pressures of centralization and decentralization. By centralizing organizations, particularly those that operate at an international level, they can assign a common theme or set of behaving flexibly and effectively to localized issues and goals. Conversely, it is also advantageous to decentralize as this increases the chances of organizations.


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