• Step I Fill the basic information form on the website.
    • Step II WSC team will contact you and sent you required information and guidelines on your concerned email-id.
    • Step III Read all the guidelines, terms and conditions and eligibility criteria before filling the application form.
    • Step IV Submit the application with the required documents.
    • Step V Documents will send to WSC Review and Verification Department. An application will be accepted and approved after the complete process of verification.
    • Step VI Approval and certification will be provided only after the completion of the process.

Eligibility Criteria

    • The entity should a registered legal entity e.g. under the Companies Act.
    • The entity should be registered with statutory authorities i.e. mainly Income Tax and Provident Fund
    • The entity should possess a minimum experience of 1 year of work with three satisfactory client references
    • The entity should not have been blacklisted by any organization/institution. (Self-certified declaration to be attached)
    • The entity should provide audited financial statements for the last three years.
    • The entity should be an accredited company or with an equivalent quality certification.
    • WSC reserves the right to accept/reject any or all applications without specifying reasons.
    • Only the entities fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria may respond, clearly listing down the relevant details. Responses from Agencies not meeting the minimum eligibility criteria shall not be considered.

Benefits at a Glance

    • WCS Global Standards are internationally recognized
    • Increases customer confidence, and improves business opportunities
    • Clearly defined risk-based requirements
    • Supports compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Gives you marketing tools and public recognition on the WSC Directory
    • A global network of approved certification bodies, auditors, and training providers

Terms and Conditions

    • All correspondence regarding certification must be strictly through Electronic mails.
    • Registration is must for initiating WSC certification process.
    • Complete Documentation of the concerned entity is must for Certification.
    • Verification of the is must and takes a period of 7 weekdays.
    • Processing fees will be nonrefundable.
    • The certification process will complete within 15 days of application.

For registration click on the apply button.