Satish Kumar

Mr. Satish Kumar (President, SK Martial Art Foundation, Karnal Haryana, India) has been recorded under the title 'fastest time to break 10 glass bottles' with a single hand strike within 2.60 secondsby World Book of Records-London.Earlier the fastest time to break 5 glass bottles with one hand was 3.45 seconds and was achieved by Mr.Zhao Haihao (China) in Beijing on 25th January 2016.
This record has been broken by Mr.Satish Kumar (President, SK Martial Art Foundation of India) on 24.03.2019. He broke 10 glass bottles with one hand within 2.60 seconds and achieved World Book of Records-London. This live record attempt was verified by Shri  Ravikant Sharma (Verification Head, World Book of Records-London). 

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