Most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.

By creating an incredible Batman outfit adorned with 23 functioning gadgets, Julian Checkley has earned the world record for the Most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit.

Julian's Batman cosplay suit gadgets include: 

1. Fireball Shooter

2. Gauntlet Video Screens x 2 

3. Bat Tracking Beacon 

4. Bat Sign Projector 

5. Folding Batarang 

6. Grapnel Gun 

7. Cowl Respirator 

8. Pneumatic Tranquilliser Gun

9. Ultrasonic Anti Dog Device. 

10. Bat Shuriken x 4 11. UV Lamp 

12. Ball Bearing Grenades x 2 

13. Gauntlet Flashlight 14. Medi-kit.

15. Battery Pack. 

16. Laser Designator. 

17. Bat-cam. 

18. Strobe Stun Gun. 

19. Gas Dispenser 

20. Smoke Bombs x 2 

21. The Bat Flask. 

22. Concealed Laryngeal Microphone. 

23. Two-way Radio.


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