Dr. Seema Negi gets included for Organising First Virtual Talent Program At Sanjeevani World School,(Mumbai) India

India: When pandemic was spreading stress and fear, Dr. Seema Negi  (Principal of Sanjeevani World School, Mumbai) decided to spread hope and happiness with an online talent X Megathon program at Sanjeevani World School. The objective was to showcase the students talent to a larger reach and to burst the boredom of virtual classes. Never did she think that the event would turn out to be the first virtual event, where the kids will display their passion and skills through dance, yoga, gymnastics and visual expressions like speech, elocution etc. World Book of Records, London appreciates the passion of principal Dr. Seema Negi for initiating World's First Virtual Talent Show and includes it in its India edition-2020. With total 500 students performing online, Dr. Negi made sure that it was a joyride for kids. Despite ideating and organising the virtual event, Dr. Negi credited it all to her enthusiastic teachers and the unfailing support of parents community. Even in pandemic tough times, the lady principal never cringed from organising other workshops for overall well being and holistic development of her students. There has been plethora of virtual programs organised like parents day, kargil vijay diwas, independence day, grand parents day and even virtual field trip.


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